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How to Keep Sex with a Good Partner for a Long Time

How to Keep Sex with a Good Partner for a Long Time - After a long relationship some people often start to feel bored with their partners. Having sexual intercourse is rarely done, even though sexual intercourse is one way to maintain harmony between husband and wife. How to keep sexual relations with partners in harmony for a long time? A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology states that the secret to a long and happy sex life in a relationship is in every couple who wants to bring up their "sexpectations". These lovers must also work hard to understand the sexual aspects of their relationship. 

Reporting from Independent, researchers have found people have different implicit beliefs or "sexpectations". Sexpectation in question can be like trusting that sexual intercourse will always be fun. So that it can have an impact on relationships. "People who believe in the development of sexual relations, use their sex lives as a barometer to measure how well their relationships are doing and they believe problems in the bedroom are the same as problems in the overall relationship," explained Jessica Maxwell who led the research. 

According to Jessica, these people finally believe sexual growth can not only overcome their sexual problems, but they also don't let it affect the satisfaction of their relationship. The study involved 1,900 people from heterosexual sex couples and homosexual couples. Jessica noted, this belief in sexual relations worked and was beneficial for a long relationship after the honeymoon phase of the first two to three years. The researchers took and gave articles or magazines that showed sexual stories related to the lovers and sexual feelings of the participants. Researchers find women are more likely to consume stories about lovers and romantic stories. 

This shows that women trust more if sex in long-term relationships requires hard work. "It could be because there is some evidence that sexual satisfaction works more for women, so they have a higher value on the scale of sexual growth," explained Jessica, as quoted by Independent . 

In a different study, David Frederick, assistant professor of psychology at Chapman University explained long-lasting couples always try some new ideas to make their relationship last long. "Nearly half of satisfied and unsatisfied couples read self-help books and sexual magazine articles, but what distinguishes couples who are sexually satisfied is that they are right really tried a few ideas. " Anna Moore, author of The Guardiansay, the best sex for a partner usually occurs after 15 years of living together. 

One of the benefits of having sex in a long-standing relationship is that each partner starts to open up and be honest. When doing so, there should be nothing to hide, no need to pretend if something is not beneficial to us. "You don't need to rush like the one shown by a Hollywood movie or like when you were young. In a long relationship, you have to really enjoy it and be honest with your partner, "explained Emma Waring, a psychosexual nurse from London, as quoted by The Guardian . Also read: Study: Use of Marijuana Influences Frequency of Sexual Relations S
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