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Basic information on live chat - The widespread use of the Internet has made it possible to communicate with people without being in the same place.
I would like to recommend live chat on this site.
Live chat refers to enjoying sexual activities on a PC or telephone while watching the Internet screen.

"LIVE" has the meaning of a live performance, and "CHAT" means chatting.
This is a method that allows you to enjoy the other party's reaction by starting a conversation from here while watching the demonstration being performed in the opposite direction in real time.
You can not only enjoy erotic conversations but also interact with the screen, and the other party gets on this invitation, removes clothes, exposes the local area, masturbates, etc., it is three-dimensional erotic Is a new way of having sex on the phone.
It seems that human desires will not stop, and new ways of sexual processing are being developed one after another.

There seems to be no big distinction between etch phone, live chat and telephone sex, and it is not mistaken to call the various services that are derived from telephone sex collectively collectively as telephone sex. .

Let's take a closer look at live chat.

First, a male customer pays a specified fee, and can make a videophone call with a favorite girl from photos and screens.
The fee is a prepaid system based on points, and the price is 1 minute, 1 point, 100 yen.
There is a discount system for both new male and female members, and there is a free service for the first few minutes.
In some cases, giving a service point to a partner girl can shorten the time the girl takes off her clothes.

The masturbation vibrator used by one girl can be enjoyed by a large number of men operating the on / off switch to twitch or accelerate.
Just be careful.
If you don't think about the passage of time, it can cost you ridiculously.
It seems that some male customers have already become addicted and are stuck every day.

Male customers can only participate in live chat by purchasing points, most of them can participate in live chat with a free pass, but in the case of hiring a girl as a sales person, confirmation of age and interviews are waiting, there is a barrier to entry. There seems to be.
After all, it seems that cute children are more likely to attract male customers.

Chat live offices often have unconnected rooms, but girls prefer private rooms that look a lot like their own.
The waiting girls are filmed and visible to male customers, but do not get paid for that time.
You can get paid only during chat live with male customers.
In the case of chats with many male customers, the salary for the number of people is added.

The salaries of live chat girls can't be improved without fixed customers.
For this reason, regular customers must be attacked by email.
Depending on the affiliated office, there are some places where "eroticism is prohibited", but it seems like taking time to take off slowly and slowly to raise your salary.
In fact, "erotic prohibition" is only nominal.

There seems to be a man who sends his crotch up screen with the camera.
They are also taught the ability to mosaic, but say they are excited to look at another screen and continue the conversation.
Even if he was married, he was taught to make a habit of saying, "I have no boyfriend, I am lonely."
If the rotor switch used by girls could be operated by male customers, the system would increase the fee each time the rotor was switched on, so it was a rough time for chat work girls.
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