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your target woman is a hobby of playing games , it can be estimated routine in dating is not monotonous. Instead of watching a movie in the cinema or a romantic dinner, you and your partner will dwell a lot on topics around the game  and away from drama.

Don't believe MALEnials ? Here are some advantages of having a partner who likes playing games . Watch out !

Usually, relationships that have long been tinged with boredom. Especially if there are no other activities outside eating and watching. When you have a partner a gamer , you can mabar alias play together as an alternative to solving saturation.

Resolving G ame B aru Together
When a game new release, you can invite your partner or even settle for playing a game of it. During the process, you and him learn how to work together and communicate well. Believe me, playing games  together makes it more comfortable near you, like cooking together.

Not  annoyed when you are hard to contact
The average woman who rarely plays games will certainly be annoyed if you as a partner are hard to contact. In fact, often he suspects you are with another woman. As a result he was annoyed at you.

But apparently it does not apply if the couple is a gamer . He knows when you work, sleep, and even have fun playing games .

He Knows the World of Game Online 
This is what makes having a gamer partner  fun. The reason is, he knows that online games  cannot be paused. The game will not stop in the middle of the road and only finish after there is a winner. In essence, he understand what you do, as long as you immediately respond after playing.

Mabar S aat Si Him Away Again
In a long-distance relationship, send a message or a video call is not enough. You can both mabar as a means to release homesick. Play the  MOBA game , for example. Enter it in your team to both destroy the enemy base.

Know the Best Gift for Couples Your
partner will have a birthday and you are confused about choosing a gift for him Try to remember  what game he used to play slot online gaming. From there, you can provide accessories for their favorite games or even the  latest consoles . [GP]

Make The He Not Easily Turned to Another Heart, Use This Simple Way, Come on!

Ever heard the following statement, 'getting easier than maintaining'? Well, for those of you who are in a relationship with him, certainly hope that you will always be okay, lasting, and most importantly, he is loyal and not easy to the other heart.

So that he does not turn to the others, you as his lover do not need to do things that are too excessive, just use this simple method:

1. Always Speak
Building communication is an important thing to do, it's simple to always give the news, not to worry, so that we as lovers feel very valued or important by always preaching it.

2. Attention
Another simple thing that makes him more affectionate and sure of you is to always pay attention, no matter how busy, take time to come if he is sick or having problems needing you, such attention can have an impact on his heart and trust you are his best lover.

3. Mark Important Dates on the Calendar
Forgetting important dates such as your anniversary, the birthday of one of your family, especially if you forget your birthday, it's really fatal. It seems trivial, however, this needs to be a special concern for those of you who are busy or often forget by marking your calendar or set a reminder alarm, so you can have time to prepare special gifts and surprises for him. Creating moments that are not easily forgotten or romantic things can make it not want you know, look away!

4. Not Making a Wait and Full of Initiatives
Simple things that are sometimes not so you realize, even though by making it not waiting and full of initiative it could be a plus in your eyes. Simply by buying tickets to watch first so there are no queues and waiting long or buying vouchers online to eat or play games with him, so of course the more he has no reason, to look away from you.

How to Keep Sex with a Good Partner for a Long Time

How to Keep Sex with a Good Partner for a Long Time - After a long relationship some people often start to feel bored with their partners. Having sexual intercourse is rarely done, even though sexual intercourse is one way to maintain harmony between husband and wife. How to keep sexual relations with partners in harmony for a long time? A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology states that the secret to a long and happy sex life in a relationship is in every couple who wants to bring up their "sexpectations". These lovers must also work hard to understand the sexual aspects of their relationship. 

Reporting from Independent, researchers have found people have different implicit beliefs or "sexpectations". Sexpectation in question can be like trusting that sexual intercourse will always be fun. So that it can have an impact on relationships. "People who believe in the development of sexual relations, use their sex lives as a barometer to measure how well their relationships are doing and they believe problems in the bedroom are the same as problems in the overall relationship," explained Jessica Maxwell who led the research. 

According to Jessica, these people finally believe sexual growth can not only overcome their sexual problems, but they also don't let it affect the satisfaction of their relationship. The study involved 1,900 people from heterosexual sex couples and homosexual couples. Jessica noted, this belief in sexual relations worked and was beneficial for a long relationship after the honeymoon phase of the first two to three years. The researchers took and gave articles or magazines that showed sexual stories related to the lovers and sexual feelings of the participants. Researchers find women are more likely to consume stories about lovers and romantic stories. 

This shows that women trust more if sex in long-term relationships requires hard work. "It could be because there is some evidence that sexual satisfaction works more for women, so they have a higher value on the scale of sexual growth," explained Jessica, as quoted by Independent . 

In a different study, David Frederick, assistant professor of psychology at Chapman University explained long-lasting couples always try some new ideas to make their relationship last long. "Nearly half of satisfied and unsatisfied couples read self-help books and sexual magazine articles, but what distinguishes couples who are sexually satisfied is that they are right really tried a few ideas. " Anna Moore, author of The Guardiansay, the best sex for a partner usually occurs after 15 years of living together. 

One of the benefits of having sex in a long-standing relationship is that each partner starts to open up and be honest. When doing so, there should be nothing to hide, no need to pretend if something is not beneficial to us. "You don't need to rush like the one shown by a Hollywood movie or like when you were young. In a long relationship, you have to really enjoy it and be honest with your partner, "explained Emma Waring, a psychosexual nurse from London, as quoted by The Guardian . Also read: Study: Use of Marijuana Influences Frequency of Sexual Relations S

Basic information on live chat where you can chat sex

Basic information on live chat - The widespread use of the Internet has made it possible to communicate with people without being in the same place.
I would like to recommend live chat on this site.
Live chat refers to enjoying sexual activities on a PC or telephone while watching the Internet screen.

"LIVE" has the meaning of a live performance, and "CHAT" means chatting.
This is a method that allows you to enjoy the other party's reaction by starting a conversation from here while watching the demonstration being performed in the opposite direction in real time.
You can not only enjoy erotic conversations but also interact with the screen, and the other party gets on this invitation, removes clothes, exposes the local area, masturbates, etc., it is three-dimensional erotic Is a new way of having sex on the phone.
It seems that human desires will not stop, and new ways of sexual processing are being developed one after another.

There seems to be no big distinction between etch phone, live chat and telephone sex, and it is not mistaken to call the various services that are derived from telephone sex collectively collectively as telephone sex. .

Let's take a closer look at live chat.

First, a male customer pays a specified fee, and can make a videophone call with a favorite girl from photos and screens.
The fee is a prepaid system based on points, and the price is 1 minute, 1 point, 100 yen.
There is a discount system for both new male and female members, and there is a free service for the first few minutes.
In some cases, giving a service point to a partner girl can shorten the time the girl takes off her clothes.

The masturbation vibrator used by one girl can be enjoyed by a large number of men operating the on / off switch to twitch or accelerate.
Just be careful.
If you don't think about the passage of time, it can cost you ridiculously.
It seems that some male customers have already become addicted and are stuck every day.

Male customers can only participate in live chat by purchasing points, most of them can participate in live chat with a free pass, but in the case of hiring a girl as a sales person, confirmation of age and interviews are waiting, there is a barrier to entry. There seems to be.
After all, it seems that cute children are more likely to attract male customers.

Chat live offices often have unconnected rooms, but girls prefer private rooms that look a lot like their own.
The waiting girls are filmed and visible to male customers, but do not get paid for that time.
You can get paid only during chat live with male customers.
In the case of chats with many male customers, the salary for the number of people is added.

The salaries of live chat girls can't be improved without fixed customers.
For this reason, regular customers must be attacked by email.
Depending on the affiliated office, there are some places where "eroticism is prohibited", but it seems like taking time to take off slowly and slowly to raise your salary.
In fact, "erotic prohibition" is only nominal.

There seems to be a man who sends his crotch up screen with the camera.
They are also taught the ability to mosaic, but say they are excited to look at another screen and continue the conversation.
Even if he was married, he was taught to make a habit of saying, "I have no boyfriend, I am lonely."
If the rotor switch used by girls could be operated by male customers, the system would increase the fee each time the rotor was switched on, so it was a rough time for chat work girls.
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